Toys from the Past Topic

In English the children learn about adjectives and putting adjectives into sentences orally by looking at and touching toys and other objects. This also links to our Science topic of materials. The children are able to bring in a toy from home to explore. The children then take part in lots of sorting activities related to their toys.

They will also be hearing lots of stories about toys such as ‘Lost In the Toy Museum’ and ‘Kipper's Toy Box’.

The children will learn the story ‘Stick Man’ by using Pie Corbett actions and writing the story up themselves.

The children are also given the opportunity to learn about how different toys from the past work. They learn about the history behind how these toys are made and the different materials used to make them. Through the toy workshop they learn how to play games from the past. 

In science the children will explore everyday materials and their properties. The children will use the outdoor area to explore the environment around school and look for signs of autumn.