The World On A Plate

Our 'World on a Plate' topic has a food focus. The children learn about a variety of foods from all over the globe.


Besides discovering where food is grown, they learn how to prepare food and research/cook recipes using different ingredients.


The children learn about the importance of the seasons and seasonality. In addition we discuss food miles and the impact transporting food has on the environment. This leads to a better understanding of which fruit and vegetables can be planted in the school garden and when they should be planted.


The topic has a very practical element as children learn how to prepare ingredients building on the skills acquired in previous year groups.


This can range from coring, chopping and juicing apples to learning how to ‘hedgehog’ a mango.


The children develop their observational drawing skills in this topic. They learn to use graded pencils and to practice different techniques e.g. cross hatching. They move on to selecting other appropriates mediums e.g. pastels