Special Educational Needs and Disability

SEND Summary

At Brocks Hill School we are committed to meeting the learning needs of all pupils, raising pupil self-esteem, building confidence and independence. We have an inclusive ethos and believe in a stimulating, creative curriculum for all based around developing the 6Rs.


During their time at Brocks Hill some children will have Special Educational Needs (SEN). This means they may have difficulty with:

  •  Reading, writing, mathematics
  •  Managing their behaviour or dealing with their emotions
  • Physical mobility
  • Making friends or relating to adults
  • Speech difficulties including understanding others and expressing themselves

These difficulties can cause barriers to the child’s learning. At Brocks Hill we make provisions for all areas of special educational needs to the best of our ability. All teachers have high expectations of all pupils and every teacher is a teacher of every child, including those with SEN. Care is taken to incorporate any specific strategies for your child into their daily classroom routine if required. Support for your child may involve:

  • Support within the class through different work, equipment and resources, or teaching styles.
  • Additional support in small groups with a teaching assistant (TA).
  • Advice from outside specialists such as Speech Therapy, Educational Psychology, School Nurse, OT, autism outreach which may lead to more support.
  • A referral for statutory assessment (when needs are complex and severe) which may lead to an EHCP (Education, Health and Care plan).

At ‘SEN Support’ the child has a Student Profile with targets to work towards. Parents and pupils are involved in the reviewing and setting of targets at least 3 times a year.


If you would like to discuss anything relating to SEN, have any queries or think that your child may have special educational needs then please contact Mrs Curran the SENCO (special educational needs coordinator) via the school office.


SEND information upon this website:

SEN information report

SEND policy

Whole School Provision map


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