Protecting Planet Earth

Protecting Planet Earth

Our Spring Term topic has a global and environmental focus to teach the children about the planet they live on and how to protect it. Much of their learning focusses on the threats the planet faces and how they can prevent it.

This topic is about making our children proactive global citizens. We aim to prepare them for the future we want them to experience.


Our English work is all linked to the topic and we use several key texts and media to develop the children’s reading, writing and grammar skills.

The children begin the topic by learning about orangutans. They conduct their own research using books and the internet to complete fact files and use knowledge organisers to embed the learning into their memory. Videos and documentaries are also key sources of information.


The children then experience the destruction of the classroom and conduct an outdoor clue hunt to discover we have been visited by our own orphaned orangutan. The video ‘There’s A RangTan in My Bedroom’ then leads the children to learn about the damage caused by palm oil plantations.


Next the children write explanation texts about their rehabilitation centres and poems linked to ‘There’s A RangTan in My Bedroom’.

(Video from YouTube courtesy of Greenpeace)


Our fiction unit is based on the story ‘The Journey Home’ which we learn through Talk For Writing techniques and then use this to innovate our own journey stories.

In their topic work the children design rehabilitation centres for the endangered orangutans, considering everything that they need as they’re cared for before returning to the wild.