Our Governors

Diane Miller

I began my working life with the Rank Organisation after the Sixth Form and began my ‘computer career’ training with them as a Data Controller /Systems Analyst moving to British Gas after six years.  I have two children who both attended Brocks Hill many years ago and this was my first governor role as a Parent Governor.  I then obtained my degree as a Mature student and then my post graduate qualification as a Teacher (Primary) this was another governor role as a Teacher Governor.  I spent several years as an Upper Primary Teacher with responsibility for IT and Maths.  I completed my National Qualification for Headship (NPQH) and became a Headteacher in Leicestershire. (Also as an LEA Governor and now a Community Governor at a secondary school).  I am a trained volunteer for the NSPCC and have been a patient representative for the NHS East Midlands Clinical Senate and supported various charities since my retirement in 2010.  I believe that the education and security of our children is paramount and that their well-being is essential for peace and stability in the future.  I am delighted to be the Chair of Governors at Brocks Hill Primary School.


Harriet Pugsley

I have been a governor for 9 years.  I have been a member of the Curriculum Committee for all of this time.  I am linked with Numeracy as my subject.  Both my children went to Brocks Hill Primary School and are now at Beauchamp College.

I have been a Primary Teacher for 25 years and have taught across the whole primary age range at a number of different schools in Leicester.

I have lived in Oadby for about 10 years.  I sing in a local choir, play the piano and have co-ordinated music and organised concerts at my school.  I play tennis and cycle to school to keep fit.


Dheeraj Bhasin

I am a long-haul airline pilot and former fighter-bomber pilot who maintains two concurrent commissions as a senior officer in the Royal Air Force - currently Wing Commander, one in the cadet forces and one as a front-line air power expert and instructor. I am a graduate mechanical engineer and have postgraduate qualifications in leadership and management. Outside my core duties, I write and lecture in subjects such as defence, leadership, resource management and organisational development. Much of my voluntary work is in the youth sector, particularly in the cadet forces, where I provide flying lessons, outdoor skills training, personal development, and career advice. I also provides a significant amount of training and development to the healthcare sector, and am a role model for children in the Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic demographic. I am focussed on bringing my leadership and management, problem solving, high performance, continuous learning, and ethos skills to Brocks Hill in order to provide advice on personal and organisational development for staff and pupils alike.


 Dr. John Sugden.

I worked for De Montfort University School of Pharmacy for 31 years, spending the last sixteen years in charge of the Pharmaceutical Chemistry Section. The administrative duties of this post involved taking part in appointment interviews for academic staff, research students and technicians as well as having overall control of the section finances.

I qualified as a Health & Safety Coordinator and for the last four years of my service was the Faculty of Science Health & Safety Coordinator, in addition I was a Union Representative involved in  the resolution of disputes between management and members. I am able to bring this experience to Brocks Hill Primary School.


Jo Lockley

I became a parent governor in June 2017 and have two children at the school. I have spent my career in education as a teacher in London and currently as a deputy head for a Leicester City school. I have also worked across schools as a literacy and EAL consultant and am currently undertaking further study in Social Emotional and Mental Health in education.


Jas Bola

In my professional life I am a Lawyer and began my career in London working for the Lord Chancellor’s Department then moved to the not for profit sector and worked as a Human Rights Lawyer followed by working in the private sector running my law firm.

I have two children at the school, my daughter Prianka is in year 5 and my son Gurneel is in foundation.  I am genuinely interested in the running of the school and would like to give something back to the school. I hope to be able to work with the existing governors and use my legal skills, discretion, experience and enthusiasm to maintain the smooth running of the school, challenge as appropriate and be a link between the parents and the governing body.


Jonathan Bill, RDT C&G

I have been a director of the Hunny Nurseries group since 2006. My role is one of business development, finance and making sure the high standards of care are maintained.  I previously ran other companies for over 40 years.

Starting out in Dentistry I was a successful Dental laboratory owner and developer. At present I am the International CQR Dental Technical Instructor and head of Research and Development.  I combine hands-on experience and vision for furthering the development of modern denture construction. I am leading the way for future research which revolves around the CQR denture concept and I have a lot of experience at international speaking on this new concept. I have been extensively involved with The Dental Laboratory Association, holding many positions, including Chairman and President. I have had published many papers within dentistry.


Saima Ahsan

I am a mother of four children, of which two currently attend Brocks Hill Primary School, in year 2 and 3.

I have a keen interest in the education and welfare of our children and much of my work and experience reflects this. I am a qualified Secondary and Sixth Form teacher, having taught at Sir Jonathan North Community College, and Wyggeston & Queen Elizabeth 1 college.  I have sat on School Appeals and School Exclusion Panels for the Leicester City Council. I have also been a member of the Leicester SACRE, ‘Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education’, which looked at ways to further improve how Religious Education is delivered in schools.

I have also been involved in various voluntary and community activities, which encourage people to get to know and understand one another better; and help with community cohesion. I have organised charity dinners and fashions shows, helped design exhibitions at New Walk Museum, been involved in interfaith work and youth programmes.


Michael Kent

New Governor


Deepa Odedra

New Governor 



 Recent Past Governors

 Carolyn Moseley

I have been a Staff Governor for 2 ½ years at Brocks Hill School. I have recently taken on the role of Training and Development Governor which will ensure all governors have appropriate training in their role. I have worked at Brocks Hill School for 4 years as a Teaching Assistant, mostly in Key Stage 1 but can find myself working anywhere in the school if required. I also work as a lunchtime supervisor looking after Foundation Stage children and I organise Gardening Club after school.  I love working at the school, get great job satisfaction and feel very lucky to be employed in my exciting role working with the wonderful children at Brocks Hill.

Working as a Teaching Assistant is very different from the position I previously held at Next Plc where I worked for 25 years before taking early retirement in my late 50’s. During the years I worked at Next, I was responsible for managing a team of Customer Service Advisors. My duties included monthly quality and quantity checks of the advisors work and monthly reviews with advisors. I actioned return to work interviews, I conducted annual appraisals for all members of my team and coached and supported them to progress to higher grades. I was regularly involved in recruitment and training of new advisors.  After leaving Next I decided I wanted to work with children so I gained a level 3 qualification to become a Teaching Assistant and a level 3 qualification in Speech, Language and Communication. I am also now studying British Sign Language.

I feel the experience I gained in working for a renowned retail company has given me many skills that I can now use in my present role working at Brocks Hill. I am confident communicating with people at all levels and see myself as a trusted representative of the school when communicating with pupils, parents and visitors. I thoroughly enjoy attending and participating in all the governor body meetings and contributing to the continued success of the school, as one of the best performing schools in Leicestershire.


 June Kendall

I have been a community governor since 2015, when I had recently retired from working as part of the administration team at Brocks Hill for many years. Although most of my working life has been spent at Brocks Hill I originally trained as a librarian, working as a reference librarian before having a family. I have lived in Oadby for 40 years and both my sons attended Brocks Hill before moving on to Gartree and Beauchamp. I bring a wealth of experience from the above roles to offer on the governing body of Brocks Hill Primary School.


Rachel Collin 

I have a degree in Childhood studies where I specialised in Early Years.  Whilst I was at university I was lucky to obtain a post working in a school’s aftercare team. I also volunteered within the schools reception and nursery class.

When I moved back to Leicester I knew it was essential I gained further experience before starting my teacher training. I asked to volunteer at Brocks Hill after being offered a job in the pre and after care. My volunteering lasted around a week before I was working across the school as a learning support assistant.  I was then interviewed to become the pre and aftercare lead where I managed three sites, I am grateful for the managing experience this gave me.  With the experience Brocks Hill gave me I secured a place at the University of Leicester to complete my PGCE where I once again specialised in Early Years. Although I loved every placement and school during my PGCE my application was never in quicker than it was for a KS1 job at Brocks Hill. I am now with my 4th class and can happily say I love my job. I have another role as parent partnership lead which allows me to view the school from another perspective and support the crucial relationship between school and families.

Knowing the school from many different perspectives and believing in the school’s philosophy and in every child who walks through our door will help me as a Governor.