Healthy Eating

Healthy eating impacts on physical and mental health. Encouraging children from an early age to develop a healthy approach to their diet and making the right choices will impact on their future development, leading to a healthy future.


In support of this, we provide the children with opportunity to have a hot school meal.  The Government now provide a Universal free school meal for every child in Early Years Foundation and Key Stage One.  This means that parents of children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 do not have to pay for school lunches.    


We promote 'Happy Lunchtimes', which gives the children an opportunity to socialise and develop good manners. Over the last year lunchtime staff have been trained, by an external professional, to ensure that lunchtimes are a happy and productive part of the school day where children can have a choice of game options. There are zones that allow Key Stage One and Key Stage Two children to play together, if they choose to.


Children are rewarded by lunchtime staff for demonstrating the 6Rs and learning dispositions, such as being kind, polite, solving problems, working and playing together  with pom poms. This allows the children to collect points for their House team.