On behalf of the Governors of Brocks Hill Primary School, I would like to offer a warm welcome to parents, carers, children and their families. Brocks Hill Primary is an outstanding school as graded by Ofsted.


The school ensures that each child is nurtured and supported in their academic learning, development as individuals and understanding of local and national communities. All our governors are approachable and always happy to speak and listen. We look forward to meeting you within our friendly school community.


Governing bodies are the strategic decision makers and vision setters in every school. They play a vital role in ensuring the best possible education for every child by creating robust accountability for school leaders. 


The governing body has 3 core functions supported with a School Improvement Plan:


1) Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction.

2) Holding the head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school, its pupils and the performance management of staff. 

3) Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure the money is well spent. 






Diane Miller

Jo Lockley

Michelle Walton

Dheeraj Bhasin

Jas Bola

Kate Quirk

Jonathan Bill

Saima Ahsan

Deepa Odedra

John Sugden



Harriet Pugsley



Michael Kent






Clerk to Governors Nicola Tyers

Full Governing Body/Curriculum/Health & Safety Finance & Business (Resources, Staffing/HR, Pay & Audit) Committee Headteacher Performance
Dheeraj Bhasin (Vice Chair of FGB), (Lead for Curriculum at FGB) Jas Bola (Chair) Diane Miller (Chair)
Diane Miller (Chair of FGB) Diane Miller John Sugden
John Sugden (Lead for Health & Safety at FGB) Jonathan Bill Jonathan Bill 
Harriet Pugsley (Vice Chair at FGB) Jo Lockley  
Saima Ahsan Michael Kent  
Kate Quirk Michelle Walton (Headteacher)  
Deepa Odedra    
Michelle Walton (Headteacher)    
Clerk: Nicola Tyers Clerk: Nicola Tyers