Every school aims to ensure that all its pupils make excellent progress, regardless of their background, and to develop good citizens who can lead a fulfilling life as adults.

Each school also has a philosophy and ethos, developed over time and informed by key educational experts and research findings. These underpin the work of the school and impact on progress.

Our ethos is summarised in the Brocks Hill Pledge:

• We are a community of learners who work collaboratively together.

• We are committed to an evolving creative curriculum which teaches skills for life such as resilience, resourcefulness, reflection, responsibility, reciprocity and respect. 

• We aim to help children develop into fully rounded, secure, fulfilled adults who are excellent citizens in our global community.

• We strive for equality, have fair and transparent rules, admissions and employment practices. 

• We celebrate the diversity of our community, in which all groups have a voice and no single group dominates. 

• We are always striving for the best, developing our curriculum and strategic direction based on research, best practice and experience to ensure the best possible outcomes for children.

Here are some of the educational research and theorists who inspire us:

Dylan Wiliam

Dylan tried out his theories in BBC's The Classroom Experiment
The Classroom Experiment Episode 1 on Youtube 
The Classroom Experiment Episode 2

Shirley Clarke

Here is Shirley Clarke talking on
Self, peer and teacher feedback

Guy Claxton

Much of our philosophy is inspired by forward thinkers are researchers in education. Guy Claxton is one of them. 

Here is a video of Guy talking about 
Building Learning Power