World War 2 Topic

Our World War 2 topic has a narrative which runs through it. The main focus is on the lives of ordinary people during the war and particularly evacuees. The children create an evacuee character for themselves and much of their learning is based around this.
The English work is all linked to the central wartime topic. The children develop their reading, writing, grammar and punctuation skills through this. They learn how to structure and write character descriptions, letter and diaries as their evacuee characters. They also write fictional stories set during the war.  
Reading skills are taught and developed through texts linked to World War 2, both fiction and non fiction.
In Science, the children study the topics 'Light' and 'Electricity'. These are also woven into our topic. Key skills of scientific thinking such as hypothesising, drawing conclusions etc are developed through experiements. The children then apply these in topic-based Science such as making a Morse code tapper with an electrical circuit and exploring 'The Blackout' by finding the most effective fabrics to make World War 2 blackout curtains using their knowledge of transparent, translucent and opaque materials.
Lots of the key skills and attitudes that are central to our curriculum are addressed through challenge and curriculum theme days, such as 'World War 2 Bomb Day'. On this day, the children have to act as reporters to investigate what happened when a World War 2 bomb hit the school !