Our Brazil topic uses a quality text called ‘The Great Kapok Tree ’ by Lynne Cherry to bring the rainforest to life for the children. Children produce writing, study grammar and explore writer talk using the book. The book has a strong environmental message and helps children understand the importance of rainforests around the world through engagement with the rainforest creatures.


The children produce poems, setting descriptions and persuasive letters linked to the book.

In addition our class novel 'Journey to the River Sea' By Eva Ibbotson lets the children engage with and discuss a longer novel.


The children visit the University of Leicester Botanic Garden for a fun-packed, active learning day.


It involves shelter making and identifying rainforest plants in the green houses...

...and producing art linked to the artist Henri Rousseau.

The children compare information about the U.K and Brazil in order to produce a fact file. They use their knowledge developed in Mathematics lessons to calculate the differences between Brazilian and U.K rivers.