Welcome to Brocks Hill Primary School

Brocks Hill School is a creative and innovative school that is committed to giving all children and families the best opportunities.

We aim to develop self-directed, responsible learners with a life-long love for learning. The 6Rs – Respect, Responsibility, Resourcefulness, Resilience, Reflection and Reciprocity – permeate all aspects of our school.

The 6Rs, a growth mind-set, along with learning dispositions (qualities such as courage, optimism, integrity) are the roots of our tree for developing lifelong learning. ….. it is about having a real impact, as you all know, on the life and life chances of young people …… developing young people for their future life, in secondary school, university and the world of work …..  where they can be flexible and curious learners, who are able to face change and challenge with resilience and courage.

We want our children to have fun and be confident and we value what each child brings to the school. We believe in a culture where everyone can grow, succeed, reflect and celebrate.

We strongly believe that our ethos of character development along with a huge amount of well being, including developing strategies to support positive mental health, significantly impacts on the high achievement of the pupils as well as all round character development.

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